Garage door sensors are an essential element in your garage door system. When they aren’t functioning normally, they may prevent your garage door from operating. If this happens, follow these simple steps to help get your garage going again.

  1. Check the sensor path. Make sure nothing is obstructing the sensor beam.
  2. Check your power source. You should see small LED lights lit up on each sensor. If not, reconnect the sensors to their power supply. There could also be something interfering with a wire somewhere that is interrupting the electrical flow.
  3. Clean your sensor lenses of any dust or debris, and make sure they are dry and free of moisture.
  4. Make sure both sensors are properly aligned and lined up with one another. You can tell this by checking the LED lights on the sensors. If they are green, they are properly aligned. If not, you will have to check the sensor alignment (older LiftMaster units have two green lights. New safety eyes (1999-present) have green and orange lights. Orange is power, green is receiver. Genie units have red and green lights. Green is receiver.)
  5. Check for any wear and tear that seems beyond the normal scope of operation.

If you still need some help getting your sensors working again, give your local garage door repair experts a call.