Notice your garage is a bit colder or hotter than normal, or are furry critters trying to take refuge in your garage? You may need to replace the seal on your garage door. This is an easy fix that will help keep unwanted guests out of the garage and help keep your energy bills lower.

  • Determine which kind of garage door seal you have. Most newer garage doors have a two-part seal made up of a u-shaped weather stripping insert and an extended metal/PVC retainer. Your seal may be a single piece.
  • If you have a u-shaped insert, it is easily replaceable. If you have a single piece seal, you will need to replace the entire seal assembly and you should call your local garage door repair experts

To replace a u-shaped insert:

  1. Raise the garage door to a height that is easy to work on. You may want to manually lift the door for this.
  2. Remove the old strip. If it is stuck in the retainer, use a bit of water mixed with dish soap or a silicone-based lubricant to loosen.
  3. Clean the retainer carefully with a wet rag to remove any dirt or debris.
  4. Carefully install the new strip. It’s recommended to have some help with this. Have one person pull the insert with pliers or a vice grip while the other guides it through the retainer.
  5. Cut off any excess strip at each end of the door. Enjoy your newly sealed garage door!