If your garage door opens normally but then doesn’t close or starts to close and then reopens without any obstructions in the way, there’s a good chance that your door sensor is malfunctioning. This could result in two main problems.

The first is that the door won’t close. This issue can arise from malfunctioning door sensors. Press the remote control or hit the electrical switch on the inside of the garage to close the door. If the door starts to close but then stops and reverses back to an open position again, you know there’s a malfunction.”

The second issue occurs when the door closes even with obstruction. This is the other sign of a possibly malfunctioning door sensor, and it’s a much worse problem because there’s a possibility it could cause an injury or significantly damage your car or some other piece of equipment.

To determine if the sensors are malfunctioning:

  1. Determine how high your photo eyes are above the ground. Once you figure this out, you need to get a few cardboard boxes that are higher than the sensors.
  2. Place the cardboard box in the garage doorway. Make sure it is also placed in front of one of the photo eyes. Press the remote-control button to close the door.
  3. If the garage sensor is working properly, the door will stop closing and reverse back to the open position. If the garage door does not stop closing and crushes the cardboard box then your garage door sensor is malfunctioning.

If your testing has revealed that your garage door sensors are malfunctioning, then call your local garage door repair experts for help today.