The garage door is the largest entrance and exit to your home. Make sure you’re heating your home (not the outside) with an insulated and energy efficient garage door. Check out the list of reasons below to start saving money today.

  • Garage door insulation will keep your garage warmer. A garage that is simply cold instead of below 32 degrees and freezing can make a world of difference for your car, equipment, and bills. Compare the difference in garage temperature between an insulated door and non-insulated: In 20-degree weather, you can expect a garage temperature of about 30-degree without an insulated door. With insulation, you can expect that number to rise to a balmy 42-degrees.
  • An insulated garage will act as a buffer zone between your home and the outdoors so you’re not blasting cold air into your house when entering the garage. Restaurant entrances are a good example of this vestibule effect.
  • Get quieter performance with an insulated garage door that rattles significantly less than a non-insulated door.
  • Increase the durability of your door with insulation. Your garage door’s panel will be more rigid and able to withstand impacts as well as the strain of being raised and lowered often.

For a more detailed explanation, consult with a local garage door repair expert.