Despite being the largest door in your home, garage doors are largely ignored. Even if you aren’t having any issues with your garage door, it’s a good idea to schedule regular maintenance to help prevent future issues. Make time for your garage door, whether you do yearly scheduled maintenance with a garage door expert or simply conduct monthly spot checks on your own. Here are a few other things to check and do to ensure your garage door operates well:

  1. Perform a visual spot check every month on your garage. Look at the pulleys and cables. Do you notice any fraying? Pulley problems normally will cause frayed cables.
  2. Do an audio check by opening the door and listening. Does it sound normal? A modern, properly functioning garage door system should open and close nearly silently.
  3. Inspect the rubber weather seal on the bottom of the door. Rub your finger along it while the door is open for any defects.
  4. WITH THE DOOR CLOSED, pull the red emergency cord to pull the door manually for the balance test. Lift your door from the center of your door halfway up. If it stays in position, congratulations! Your garage door is balanced. If your door starts to shut, continues opening, or just feels uneven please call a local garage door expert. Watch the videos below for more help with the balance test and manually opening your door.
  5. Lubricating your door and springs is a useful element in garage door maintenance that can save you money in the long run. DASMA guidelines recommend 2-3 lubrications per year. An easy way to remember is at the time change. For help on selecting the right lubricant for your door and application instructions, see the video below.

If you still need garage door help, we recommend contacting a local garage door expert.