With the myQ app version 3.12 or higher, you are allowed to invite up to three additional people to use your myQ account without sharing your password. These guests receive the ability to view and control your myQ, but they won’t be able to access your account history or notifications.

  1. Tap the Menu.
  2. Tap “myQ Guests.”
  3. Tap “Add Guest” or “+.”
  4. Enter your First and Last name and tap “Next.”
  5. Enter the Guest’s name.
  6. Enter the Guest’s email twice to confirm.
  7. Select Relationship to the person that is being invited and tap “Save.”
    1. Family
    2. Friend
    3. Other
  8. Tap “Send” in the upper right corner to send the invitation. Once the invitation is accepted, the user will be able to control your myQ devices. If you need back-up at any point of this process, call your local garage door repair experts.

Once the person accepts the invite, they will be added to your account and be able to control your myQ devices.